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New Arrivals

Mission Statement

For those who chase ruthless success. Who own their life. Who are kind.  Who are always improving. Who are truly making transformation happen.

We are ROK IT. And we’re here to inspire global change.

After hitting a particularly low point in my life in 2021, I had to start from 0 and build myself back up. I wanted to inspire others to do the same, and to offer a message of hope that I found in my dark time.

 Inspired by heavy metal and hard rock since the days of my youth, I leaned on their themes of resiliency and individuality to help define my adulthood.

 I knew that with consistent effort and a unified vision of a better tomorrow, change IS possible.

 ROK IT is for the dream chasers. The authentic individuals. And for those who are looking to find their footing in hope and success.

 So get out there. Do the hard thing. Master your craft. Stay unapologetically you.

 The world needs you.

 Go out there and ROK IT.

  • Victoria a.k.a. Vito

    After taking Ovarian Cancer to the cleaners TWO TIMES my fiancé and I packed up and moved to beautiful Montana from Kansas. As I currently work as a MA (Medical Assistant) for the local Urgent Care my end goal is becoming a X-Ray Tech. While also becoming more adventurous outdoors and creating a healthy lifestyle i found ROK IT. It helps remind me that I am the one in charge of my life and only I can make the changes.

  • Ashley

    Working in the nursing industry for multiple years i worked on being a Charge Nurse with my next goal is more management based. Focusing on my health in all aspects I want to be a positive role model and lead by example. With the dream of having children and making sure i can give them the best life possible. ROK IT is there to remind me to be ruthless even on the days where I feel like I need a break.